The John Chavis History Society, Inc's
Photo Gallery
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  1. Toured of Washington & 
Lee Uniuversity
2. Mrs. Catherine Comer in the John Chavis Boardroom 
  3. John Chavis'
4. Board Room
 Glass Wall
5. Chavis Board 
Room 206
6. John Chavis'
7. Dr. Othow with
John Chavis' Bust
8. Mrs. Comer with
John Chavis' Bust

9.  Liberty Hall at Washington 
& Lee Uniuversity

10,  Chavis Hall on Washington 
& Lee Uniuversity

11. Dr. Othow with the Director
& Student in Chavis Hall 

 12. John Chavis'  illustration
in Chavis Hall

13, Washington College
building in 19th style

14, Elrod University 
Commons Building 

15, John Chavis'
Historical marker

16, John Chavis' Historical 
marker unveiled

17, John Chavis' Revolutionary 
War  Portrait

18. Artist for John Chavis' Revolutionary 
War Portrait

19. SAR and a Revolutionary War 
enactor with Portraitt

20. Decendants with Revolutionary  Portrait